Get up to $10,600 on your Home Energy Improvements

Are you looking to save on Energy upgrades for your home in South Western Ontario? Energy Werx has helped over 60,000 homeowners access millions of dollars of rebates, making their homes more energy-efficient and comfortable.  As your trusted energy evaluation experts, we are dedicated to delivering quality Energy Audits and getting you the most out of the  Enbridge and Greener Homes rebate programs. Share your information through our contact form, and our care team will contact you shortly. 

Potential Rebates up to $10,600 for your home’s energy upgrades with a pre-retrofit energy audit.

Energy audit is an assessment of your home’s energy consumption and efficiency, identifying opportunities for improvements and potential rebates or incentives to help you with your home’s energy upgrades and savings. 

Energy Audit Cost $550 for a Pre-Retrofit Audit and $250 for a Post-Audit plus taxes. A minimum requirement of one upgrade qualifies you for a $600 Energy Audit reimbursement.