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If you are a homeowner in Windsor, you could qualify for up to $5,000 to help make energy efficient upgrades to your home. Energy advisors, certified by EnerGuide, Energy Werx can perform an energy evaluation on your home to help you find out if you qualify and assist you in making your home more energy efficient. This will reduce your electricity and gas bills.

We will run several tests to find which rebates you quality for and develop strategies to reduce your home’s energy consumption effectively. The tests that will be conducted include door blower tests, infrared testing and air leak tests to determine areas of improvement and energy efficiency. A follow up energy audit will be conducted by Energy Werx to evaluate the improvement from the initial audit.

Energy efficiency begins at home. The Greener Home program through the federal government helps homeowners perform energy efficient upgrades to their homes, making it more affordable, efficient, and comfortable to maintain over the years. This program allows you to help Canada transition to a future with cleaner energy by reducing emissions for greenhouse gasses. The rebates from the Greener Home program include air sealing improvements, a furnace or boiler replacement, replacements for a window, door, and/or skylight and insulation upgrades, to name a few. The goal of the program is to ultimately make residents of Windsor live a life that’s more environmentally-friendly that is both affordable and attainable.

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Windsor, Ontario

Windsor is the tenth-largest city in Ontario, as well as the most southern city in all of Canada. Located in Southern Ontario, Windsor is part of Windsor-Essex county, just across the border from Detroit, Michigan. On the border of Lake Michigan, has a population of 217,188 as per the latest census.

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