Many older homes in Essex County, much like those built before the era of energy efficiency, may have character and curb appeal, but also come with high energy bills. These homes often lack proper insulation, thermal windows, energy-efficient furnaces, and draft proofing. However, the Ontario Energy Efficiency Rebates program is now available to help residents upgrade their homes to be more energy efficient. For more information, make sure to book our energy evaluations in Essex.

By scheduling a home energy audit, residents can discover the reasons for high energy bills and learn about the energy usage throughout their home. One of our Registered Energy Advisors will assist in finding solutions and identifying potential upgrades to bring energy bills to a more manageable level and save energy. The advisor will also provide information about the rebate program that can offer incentives for additional upgrades both inside and outside the home to improve the energy rating.

Air sealing and insulation are common ways to improve a home’s energy efficiency following an assessment. Adding insulation to the basement headers and walls can improve the home’s ability to maintain a comfortable temperature and improve the building envelope. Winter-proofing the home by sealing small cracks and gaps can also prevent air leakage.

Another way to improve energy efficiency is by replacing an old furnace with a more energy-efficient gas furnace. This can help circulate warm air throughout the home and extract heat energy from exhaust gas in the condensing system.

Installing an Energy Star-rated central air conditioner after the home is well insulated can also lower energy usage and bills during the summer months.

Residents of Essex County can make upgrades to their homes more affordable by applying for a rebate program through Union Gas that offers energy saving rebates and home efficiency rebates. Starting January 2023, residents will also have access to the Canada Greener Homes Grant via the HER+ program, open to all residents regardless of their heating fuel type. The program provides rebates towards the cost of eligible retrofits such as home insulation, windows and doors, and renewable energy systems. Additionally, participants can offset the cost of their EnerGuide home assessment with a rebate of up to $600.

Call to schedule an appointment for energy evaluations in Essex, and we can help you with the Ontario Energy Rebate and start saving energy and money on your home upgrades today.

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